We believe in protecting our planet. What good is eating great ice cream if your house is on fire?
We decided to pay more for our ice cream containers but make them as recyclable as possible,
and chose a company in Canada whose containers are made of paperboard coated with a bio-resin
And after a lot of ice cream taste test-fueled debates – those were amazing conversations! —
about where we should put some money, we agreed that cleaning up the oceans and rivers is a great place to start.
There are many foundations and non-profits that do excellent work on this, from doing research to lobbying
for better clean water laws and regulations to educating the public to actually cleaning things up.
We chose The Ocean Cleanup, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose headquarters are in Europe,
specifically in the Netherlands, but has offices in San Francisco, California, and works globally.

They’ve devised a way to collect floating trash from the oceans which is pretty cool.

Here’s a video showing what they do in rivers, as they put it, “… We need to close the tap…”
since much of the trash makes it to the ocean coming from rivers and population centers upriver.

Our pledge to you: Monarca Michoacana donates 1% of its annual revenue to causes such as The Ocean Cleanup.
That may be less money for our kids’ college education or a vacation, but there is far too much at stake.
Please help! Give to the Ocean Cleanup yourself — or to any charity that you feel is a good and worthy cause.

We’d love to hear from you!