Monarca Michoacana is a rapidly growing small business. While we were debating the right flavors to launch with, arguing over exactly what information the containers should have, and – the best part – a seemingly unending series of ice cream taste tests to get them just so, we also had really long debates on what we want to stand for. And we reached a conclusion that seems crazy for businesspeople but was ultimately unanimous: profits are not our highest priority. Nope. We decided we want a business that must have profit. Of course. But of greater importance is doing what’s right. And that really boiled down to three things:

1) Treat our customers right. Kindness makes good business sense.
2) Make the best quality ice cream we can with no artificial flavors or colors — and price it affordably. There’s enough fake stuff out there everywhere else in the world, and plenty of overpriced stuff, too, that isn’t even as good as ours. See our Why we’re the healthier option page.
3) Help make a better world. And do it sooner rather than later. So we decided from the start, when money might be tightest, to commit to giving 1% of our proceeds to a worthy cause. But not 1% of our profits. No: 1% of our sales – right off the top, like the best cream. A much bigger number. See our Why We Give Back page for details and how you can help, as well as our About our packaging page.
4) Help us all move away from FOSSIL FUELS. As a startup we can’t control every aspect of how the process “farm-to-table” works. But on those aspects we can control, we chose to be better with our packaging: they’re made with resins derived from spent sugar cane, not the traditional polyethylene resins. It is a bit more expensive, but we feel necessary.

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